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Foot Protection: The Definitive Guide

As an employer, it is vital that you keep your employee’s safety at the forefront of your mind at all times. When on a construction site there are a whole plethora of ways that your employees could end up injured so it’s important that you adhere to the correct protocols wherever possible. One of the biggest causes of injury in a construction site (but also one of the most preventable) is injury happening to the feet. This is why you need to invest in proper foot protection. Here we have put a definitive guide to foot protection.

The Importance of PPE Foot Protection

There are so many reasons that PPE foot protection is so important. When working in such a fast-paced environment where things are constantly being moved and lifted, you are at risk of something falling on workers' feet. Protective shoes or safety boots can also help prevent any slips and falls such as on uneven surfaces, off of ladders and on spillages that occur.

Another reason for protective footwear is to protect workers against the weather as they will have to work in all sorts of conditions. When working in the snow, rain or wind it's important they don't get frostbite or circulation problems due to insufficiently insulated footwear. A final way that this sort of footwear can protect your workers is from electric shocks. In environments such as construction sites where a build-up of static electricity is likely, these shoes can be a very good preventative from the risk of shocks.

Regulations For Foot Protection in Construction

When working on a construction site, PPE (personal protective equipment) is required by law. If you fail to comply with the regulations, you could find yourself at risk of warnings, fines, and sanctions, all of which could harm your business and reputation.

Steel Toe Cap Safety Boots (S1-S3)

Steel toe shoes and steel cap safety boots are part of the PPE range and are designed with protection in mind. These boots are manufactured with high-performing steel caps at the toe that pass EU standards. These safety boots are designed to keep toes safe from harm should anything fall on your feet while working on-site.

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Composite Safety Boots (S1-S3)

Composite safety boots tend to be made from carbon fibre or Kevlar which ensures they are both lighter in weight than steel toe caps, but also more flexible. Composite safety boosts are also better suited if you are going to be working with electrics as they won't be conductive.

Welding Boots (S3)

Welding boots are a very durable type of working boot and are designed to protect you from any risks posed by welding, grinding and foundry. They tend to be made from a heavy-duty leather that is made to last and keep your feet safe at all times.

This showcases the importance of the correct footwear and safety boots when working on a construction site and what you should consider going forward. Remember that the safety of those that work with you is paramount. Be sure to invest in safety boots for your workers sooner rather than later.

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