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Guide To PPE Head Protection

PPE head protection is crucial wear for keeping workers safe in industrial settings. This guide explores the main types available.

If you are managing a business team, you must ensure that they are provided with the right PPE (personal protective equipment) head protection. As well as keeping workers safe, this form of protection will ensure that serious injuries are avoided.

The Importance of Head Protection

PPE head protection is important to protect construction workers, factory workers and workers in different settings from head injuries. The right form of head protection can also reduce the issue of disorientation after impact which can lead to more serious and significant accidents, endangering other members of your workforce in the workspace.

PPE Head Protection Regulations

According to construction head protection regulations, employers are required to provide PPE head protection to members of their team, free of charge. As an employer, you will also be responsible for ensuring that your employees are fully trained on how to use PPE head protection correctly to prevent injuries.

Your workforce should also be trained to detect and report any faults to their head protection equipment. The regulations also dictate that PPE head protection should be maintained and stored correctly. You should also monitor and review the PPE that is used regularly to find out what type of personal protective equipment is used.

Do note that the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations will be updated in as of April 2022 to cover a wide range of workers.

Types Of Head Protection

To ensure that you are using the right PPE head protection in your business, you must understand the different types of PPE head protection equipment that is available. Two of the key examples are safety helmets and bump caps.

Safety Helmets

Safety helmets, also known as hard hats, are used in industrial settings are similar to those utilised for mountain biking, climbing, and countless other sports. These are essentially hard hats with ear protection and provide more support against side impacts. Another key benefit is that these hats provide an ergonomic fit. Unlike other choices, they are comfortable to wear and far more functional. You can purchase a safety helmet for construction work as well as various other industrial sectors. Safety helmets provide a versatile solution and come with an adjustable strap to ensure a snug fit. This form of PPE head protection will protect your workers from any falling objects, or if they fall from a height.

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Bump Caps

Bump caps may sometimes resemble a baseball cap or they can look like a hard hat that is made from thin plastic. The shell of this type of hat is compact and will typically come with a sun visor. Bump caps are also padded to ensure that they provide the user with the right level of protection.

As the name suggests, these hats are designed for workers in environments where they are likely to bump their heads due to low obstacles. Bump caps can provide protection if there is mild contact and help avoid issues such as bruising, disorientation and cuts.

Bump caps are also comfortable for workers to wear and are designed to provide safety when moving around on the job. As such, choosing the right PPE head protection for your business is about understanding the regulations as well as the different protection options available for specific types of industrial work.

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