HLT1 Helmet Liner

£8.14 Ex.VAT

Product Features: 

  •  Stay Warm and Focused in Cold Weather With the HLT1 Helmet Liner:
  • 40-gram Thinsulate® lining for added warmth and insulation
  • Fully waterproof yet breathable material for comfort in wet or snowy conditions
  • Two Velcro attachments to firmly secure the liner to your helmet
  • Anatomically shaped for a universal fit on various head sizes
  • Comes With a Neck/chin brace with Velcro fastening for a secure, snug fit
  • Ultra-lightweight design for freedom of movement
  • Perfect for workers in construction and other outdoor industries
  • Premium construction ensures durability and performance in harsh weather conditions
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Stay Warm and Focused in Cold Weather

When the weather turns cold, staying comfortable and focused becomes essential, especially for hardworking professionals like you. That’s why we’re proud to present the HLT1 Helmet Liner, a top-of-the-line solution designed to keep you warm and ready to tackle the elements.

Crafted with Care:

The HLT1 features an innovative design that combines 40-gram Thinsulate® lining with a fully waterproof yet breathable material. This means you can confidently work in wet or snowy conditions without worrying about overheating. Our helmet liner is thoughtfully engineered to provide superior insulation and keep you cozy throughout your day.

Secure and Snug:

Say goodbye to slipping helmet liners! The HLT1 comes with two Velcro attachments that firmly secure it to the top of your helmet, ensuring it stays in place during use. No matter how challenging the conditions, our neck/chin brace with Velcro fastening guarantees a secure, snug fit, giving you the freedom to focus on your tasks without any distractions.

Universal Fit:

Designed with your comfort in mind, the HLT1 boasts an anatomical shape that accommodates a range of head sizes. Thanks to the universal Velcro fittings on both sides, it easily attaches to nearly any helmet type, making it a versatile choice for various industries and environments.

Premium and Lightweight:

We understand the importance of ease and flexibility when it comes to your work gear. That’s why the HLT1’s ultra-lightweight construction ensures it won’t weigh you down, allowing you to move freely and unhindered.

Ideal for Cold Weather:

Whether you work in construction, outdoor maintenance, or any other industry requiring you to brave the cold, the HLT1 is your ultimate companion. Its premium design, top-notch insulation, and reliable attachment system make it the perfect choice to stay warm and focused in cold weather conditions. Choose the HLT1 Helmet Liner and experience the difference in comfort and performance during those chilly workdays. Embrace the winter with confidence and take on any task without compromising on your well-being. Order yours today and stay ahead in the face of cold weather challenges.

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