Bolle Squale Clear Coverspectacles

£7.78 Ex.VAT

Product Features: 

  • Clear Polycarbonate Lens: Offers excellent visibility and durability.
  • Anti-Scratch & Anti-Fog Coatings: Ensures clear vision and longevity of the glasses.
  • Adjustable Temples: Customisable fit for comfort and stability.
  • Increased Protection: Enhanced upper and lower shielding for comprehensive eye safety.
  • Lightweight Design: Comfortable for extended wear, even over prescription glasses.
  • Free Adjustable Glasses Cord: Adds convenience and security.
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Bolle Squale Clear Coverspecs: Eye Protection for Glasses Wearers

Experience unparalleled eye safety with Bolle Squale Clear Coverspectacles. These lightweight, over-prescription safety glasses are engineered for maximum protection and comfort. The clear polycarbonate lenses are treated with advanced anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings, ensuring clear vision in any environment. The adjustable temples provide a custom fit, while the increased upper and lower protection shields your eyes from all angles. Each pair comes with a complimentary Bollé Safety Adjustable Glasses Cord, making them ideal for both professional and everyday use.