Bolle x810 Ballistic Goggles (Clear Lens)

£59.95 Ex.VAT

Product Features:

  • Platinum K Rating: Unparalleled scratch resistance for long-lasting durability.
  • Platinum N Rating: Maximum anti-fog protection on both sides of the lens.
  • Clear Polycarbonate Lens: Ensures excellent optical clarity.
  • PC + TPR Black Frame: Sleek, comfortable, and built to last.
  • Microfiber Pouch: Convenient storage and cleaning solution.
  • Black Molle Case: Secure and transport your goggles with ease.
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Bolle x810 Ballistic Goggles: Where Safety Meets Clarity 

Elevate your tactical gear with the Bolle x810 Ballistic Goggles featuring a Clear Lens and a sleek Black frame made of PC + TPR. These goggles come complete with a clear polycarbonate PLATINUM anti-scratch / anti-fog lens, a microfiber pouch, and a sturdy Black Molle case.

Designed for those who demand the best, the Bolle x810 Goggles boast a Platinum K rating, guaranteeing the highest level of scratch resistance, which extends the life of the product. No more worrying about minor scuffs hindering your vision during critical missions or outdoor adventures.

Moreover, the goggles feature a Platinum N rating, ensuring maximum resistance to fogging on both sides of the lens. Say goodbye to annoying fog that can compromise your visibility in challenging conditions. With Bolle x810 Ballistic Goggles, you can maintain clear and sharp vision, no matter the environment.