Cupped Disposable FFP3 Mask Valved Box 10 UC-P3V

£20.15 Ex.VAT

Product Features:

  • Premium Cupped Design: Ensures a secure fit, accommodating various head shapes and sizes.
  • Exhalation Valve: Minimises heat build-up, promoting a cooler and more comfortable experience.
  • Foam Inner Seal: Enhances the face seal, providing additional comfort for extended wear.
  • 4-Point Colour Coded Headstraps: Allows for quick identification and ensures a snug fit.
  • APF 20 Protection: Offers high-level respiratory protection, suitable for various
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Stay Protected with the Cupped Disposable FFP3 Mask

Introducing the Cupped Disposable FFP3 Mask Valved Box 10 UC-P3V – a premium respiratory protection solution designed for optimal comfort and efficiency. This FFP3 respirator mask is engineered with a foam inner seal and an exhalation valve at the forefront, ensuring breathability and reduced heat build-up during extended periods of use. Its off-the-face design offers a lightweight feel and lower breathing resistance, making it a top choice for users seeking reliable and comfortable respiratory protection.