Ear Defenders Yellow Foldable 31.6 SNR

£8.38 Ex.VAT

Key Features:

  • Boasting an SNR of 31.6, delivering exceptional noise reduction capabilities.
  • Equipped with an adjustable, padded headband to ensure comfort during extended usage durations.
  • Foldable design for effortless storage when not in use.
  • Provides outstanding protection with its contoured headband padded with soft material. Features foam-filled cups for extra comfort.
  • Space-efficient folding mechanism for convenient storage.
  • Individually bulk-packed in polybags for easy handling.
  • Upcoming availability with retail headers.
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Yellow Foldable Ear Defenders: Unwavering Protection with Comfort

Your Guardian Against Noise: Unmatched 31.6 SNR

Discover the epitome of ear protection with our Yellow Foldable Ear Defenders. Boasting an exceptional Sound Noise Reduction (SNR) rating of 31.6, these defenders stand as an impenetrable barrier against the intrusive sounds of the world. Whether you’re immersed in a bustling workshop, a busy warehouse, or simply seeking solace in a noisy environment, these ear defenders ensure that your auditory experience remains serene and undisturbed.

Comfort Reimagined: Endurance without Sacrifice

Unveil a new era of comfort during extended wear. The Adjustable, padded headband is engineered for marathon use, sparing you the discomfort that often accompanies protective gear. Embrace the luxury of working, creating, or exploring with unwavering comfort. The padded headband ensures a snug fit without compromising on relief, making these defenders your ideal companions for hours of focused endeavors.

Convenience Redefined: Foldable Design, Retail Ready

Effortless storage meets exceptional protection. Our Yellow Foldable Ear Defenders are ingeniously designed to fold into a compact form, ensuring easy storage when not in use. This space-saving design guarantees that your defenders are always within reach, enhancing both portability and practicality. Each pair arrives meticulously packaged in individual polybags, awaiting their role in safeguarding your auditory sanctuary. Keep an eye out for the upcoming release featuring retail headers, elevating both function and aesthetics.