EL2 Elasticated Fall Arrest Lanyard – Twin Leg

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Product Features:

  1. Elasticated Design: Compacts to 1.5 meters when not extended, preventing tangles and catches.
  2. Twin Leg Configuration: Ensures continuous safety connection, especially during transitions between anchor points.
  3. 1.8 Meter Length: Provides ample length when fully extended for flexibility.
  4. Quick Clip Connector: Designed for swift attachment to EN361 harnesses.
  5. Two SCAF1 Scaffold Hooks: Offers versatile and secure anchoring options.
  6. Shock Absorber: Reduces impact forces during a fall, ensuring maximum protection.
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EL2 Elasticated Fall Arrest Lanyard: The Ultimate Safety Tool

The EL2 Elasticated Fall Arrest Lanyard is a pinnacle of safety for professionals working at heights. This 1.8-meter twin-leg lanyard is ingeniously designed with elasticated webbing that compacts it to 1.5 meters when not extended, reducing the risks of tangling or catching. It comes with a quick clip connector for easy attachment to EN361 harnesses and two SCAF1 scaffold hooks for anchoring. The twin-leg design ensures continuous connection to anchor points, especially when transitioning between them, such as during scaffolding or climbing. Its built-in shock absorber is designed to mitigate the force during a fall, making it an indispensable part of any fall arrest system.