Sundström SR 510 P3 Particulate Filter (Each)

£9.95 Ex.VAT

Product Features: 

  • Exceptional Filtration: Equipped with a robust mechanical particle filter that ensures comprehensive protection against all types of particulate pollutants.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Perfectly designed for seamless use with Sundström half masks, full face masks, and specific fans.
  • Optimised Breathing: Engineered with a focus on providing low breathing resistance for enhanced comfort during use.
  • Reusable: Crafted for extended usability, the filter is intended for more than a single shift, promoting sustainability.
  • Comprehensive Protection: This can be effortlessly combined with gas filters from the Sundström range, offering protection against gases and vapours, such as during spray painting.
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Sundström SR 510 P3 Particulate Filter: Ultimate Protection Against Particles

Introducing the Sundström SR 510 P3 Particulate Filter – the epitome of advanced filtration solutions, designed meticulously to offer unparalleled protection against a wide spectrum of particles. The SR 510, P3 R* particle filter, is an embodiment of mechanical brilliance, boasting exceptionally low breathing resistance, making it ideal for use in Sundström half masks, full face masks, and the SR 500/ SR 500 EX/SR 700 fan.