Wondergrip WG-333 Rock & Stone Palm Coated Latex Glove

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Key Features:

  • Incorporates a soft yet durable technical liner designed to safeguard against both cold and heat, while also providing cut level B protection.
  • Demonstrates outstanding resistance to wear and offers dual shielding against thermal hazards, setting it apart from comparable items in the market.
  • Latex coating boasts remarkable durability and features enhanced resilience around the thumb region, ensuring prolonged usability.
  • Thoughtfully engineered to mirror the natural contour of the hand, promoting unhindered movement and uninterrupted wearing comfort.

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Wondergrip WG-333 Rock & Stone Palm Coated Latex Glove: Your Shield for Challenging Terrain

Unparalleled Protection for Tough Tasks

Introducing the Wondergrip WG-333 Rock & Stone Palm Coated Latex Glove – engineered to tackle rugged landscapes and demanding work. Designed for those who brave the elements, these gloves provide unparalleled protection against abrasions, cuts, and impacts. The palm-coated latex acts as a shield, safeguarding your hands while you conquer challenging terrain. With these gloves, you’re equipped to take on any task, no matter how tough.

Grip with Confidence

Gain an unwavering grip even on the roughest surfaces with the Wondergrip WG-333 Rock & Stone Glove. The specialised palm coating enhances friction and traction, ensuring you maintain control over heavy equipment, rocks, and tools. Say goodbye to slipping and fumbling, and welcome the confidence that comes with a reliable grip. These gloves empower you to work efficiently and safely, even in the harshest conditions.

Unlock Comfort in the Midst of Hard Work

Work comfortably through extended hours with the Wondergrip WG-333 Rock & Stone Glove. Crafted with your comfort in mind, these gloves provide a snug fit without sacrificing flexibility. The latex coating doesn’t impede your natural hand movements, allowing you to perform intricate tasks with ease. Whether you’re in construction, landscaping, or any field that demands resilience, these gloves offer the comfort you need to excel.

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