3M Model 200 Banded Ear Caps 23 SNR Box of 40

£140.36 Ex.VAT

Key Features:

  • Designed for individuals facing elevated noise levels, serving as a semi-aural hearing protector.
  • Also suitable as disposable shields for visitors.
  • Offers an economical solution, with supplementary caps accessible in packs of either 10 or 50 pairs.
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3M Model 200 Banded Ear Caps: Your Reliable Solution for Noise Reduction

Advanced Noise Reduction

The 3M Model 200 Banded Ear Caps are the ultimate solution for noise reduction. With an impressive 23 SNR (Single Number Rating), these ear caps offer advanced protection against loud environments. Whether you’re in a workshop, factory, or any noise-prone setting, these ear caps ensure you work or enjoy events with minimised disturbances.

Convenient and Practical

Experience the convenience of the 3M Model 200 Banded Ear Caps. Designed with efficiency in mind, these ear caps are packaged in a box of 40, providing you with a practical supply for your needs. Their banded design ensures they stay securely in place, allowing you to focus on your tasks without worrying about readjustments. Streamline your noise protection with these user-friendly ear caps.

Reliable 3M Quality

Trust in the renowned 3M quality that comes with the Model 200 Banded Ear Caps. 3M’s commitment to innovation and safety ensures that you receive reliable and effective protection. These ear caps reflect 3M’s dedication to enhancing your well-being in challenging environments, delivering results you can depend on.