3M Classic Foam Ear Plug 28 SNR – Box of 250

£33.52 Ex.VAT

Key Features:

  • SNR 28 foam ear plugs presented in a timeless pillow pack design. Comes in a box of 250 units.
  • Crafted from gentle, energy-absorbing foam. The unique closed foam structure facilitates gradual expansion, allowing the plugs to conform precisely to nearly any ear canal shape and size.
  • Offered in both standard and corded variations.
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Discover Ultimate Comfort with 3M Classic Foam Ear Plugs

Unmatched Noise Protection for Tranquil Moments

Experience a world of serenity with 3M Classic Foam Ear Plugs, meticulously designed to shield your senses from the cacophony of the modern world. Crafted to perfection, these ear plugs boast an impressive Sound Noise Reduction (SNR) rating of 28, ensuring that unwanted noise becomes a distant memory. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful night’s sleep or uninterrupted focus in a bustling environment, our ear plugs offer an oasis of tranquility.

Made for Your Ears: The Science of Conformity

Indulge in luxury for your ears. Our Classic Foam Ear Plugs are a triumph of innovation, utilising soft energy-absorbing foam that gradually expands to impeccably fit the contours of your ear canal. This special closed-cell structure allows the ear plugs to adapt precisely to any ear shape and size, providing an unparalleled level of comfort. With these ear plugs, discomfort becomes a thing of the past, making them an ideal companion for extended wear during travels, study sessions, and work hours.

Your Choice, Your Style: Variety Redefined

Enhance your auditory haven with the 3M Classic Foam Ear Plugs, available in both standard and corded versions. Crafted to cater to your unique preferences, our ear plugs offer versatility without compromising on quality. Slip into a realm of quietude with the standard version, or opt for the corded alternative, ensuring that your ear plugs remain easily accessible while on the go. With our range of options, your comfort and convenience are at the forefront.