Orange Soft 39 SNR PU Foam Earplugs – Box of 200

£17.85 Ex.VAT

Product Features:

  • Exceptional SNR 39 Rating: Enjoy top-tier noise reduction for a quieter, more peaceful environment.
  • Superior Comfort: Made from soft PU foam for a comfortable, snug fit that lasts.
  • Vibrant Orange Design: Easily visible and stylish, these earplugs are hard to miss.
  • Bulk Quantity: Each box contains 200 earplugs, ensuring you’re well-equipped for any situation.
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Unmatched Noise Isolation for Tranquil Moments

Experience a world of serenity with our Orange Soft 39 SNR PU Foam Earplugs. These earplugs are your gateway to unparalleled noise isolation, boasting an extraordinary SNR (Single Number Rating) of 39. Whether you’re in a factory, a noisy workplace, or simply seeking a peace and quiet, these earplugs will transport you to a realm of uninterrupted tranquility.

Feather-Soft Comfort for Prolonged Use

Comfort is paramount when it comes to ear protection, and these earplugs excel in providing a soothing experience. Crafted from ultra-soft PU foam, they gently conform to the contours of your ear canal, ensuring a secure yet comfortable fit.