Ear Defenders Metal Fee Green/Black 20.5 SNR

£5.10 Ex.VAT

Key Features:

  • Low/Medium SNR rating of 20.5 for noise reduction
  • Each unit is individually packed with a standard retail header card.
  • Designed without metal components, enhancing protection in risky settings.
  • Fully adaptable to accommodate a variety of head shapes and sizes. Offers cost-effective safeguarding with contoured headband and foam-filled cups.
  • Individually packaged with a retail header card for convenient store display.
  • Features a metal-free design to provide added safety in hazardous environments.
  • Offers full adjustability to fit various head shapes and sizes.
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Ear Defenders Metal Fee Green/Black 20.5 SNR: Your Ultimate Sound Armor

Superior Noise Protection

Introducing the Ear Defenders Metal-Free Green/Black with an impressive 20.5 SNR – your ultimate guardian against disruptive sounds. Designed for low to medium noise environments, these defenders offer superior protection, ensuring your peace of mind in various settings. Whether you’re on a construction site, in a bustling workshop, or at an event, experience heightened focus without compromising your hearing.

Tailored for Comfort and Adjustability

Experience comfort that adapts to you with the Ear Defenders Metal-Free Green/Black. The fully adjustable design ensures a secure fit on a multitude of head shapes and sizes. The contoured headband and comfortable foam-filled cups prioritize your well-being while you work or enjoy events. Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace protection that seamlessly integrates into your activities.

Hazardous Environment Security

Elevate your safety in hazardous environments with the Metal-Free design of the Ear Defenders. The absence of metal components enhances protection against potential hazards. Whether you’re working in industries with strict metal restrictions or facing unique challenges, these defenders have you covered. Trust in their innovative design for an extra layer of safety.