ZED High Quality Noise Cancelling Ear Muffs

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Key Features:

  • These ear muffs have been designed with an over-moulded headband for improved comfort and ventilation
  • The ZED Ear Defender series incorporate a distinctive range of colours, allowing for easy identification of protection levels (Red ™ High)
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Elevate Your Auditory Experience with ZED High Quality Ear Muffs

Absolute Noise Canceling Mastery: A Remarkable 36 SNR

Welcome to the pinnacle of noise cancellation with ZED High Quality Ear Muffs. With an impressive Sound Noise Reduction (SNR) rating of 36, these earmuffs redefine the art of shielding your ears from the cacophony of the world. Whether you’re working in a bustling industrial setting, focusing in a busy office, or seeking respite from the urban soundscape, the ZED series guarantees a tranquil auditory haven like no other.

The Epitome of Comfort and Protection: Crafted for You

Experience auditory perfection without compromise. The ZED series has been meticulously engineered with an over-molded headband that redefines comfort and ventilation. The fusion of headband force and cushion area orchestrates an exquisite balance of cushion pressure, comfort, and unparalleled protection. Wearing your ear defenders for extended periods becomes an endeavor of luxury, ensuring that your auditory experience remains as serene as the ZED series itself.

Visualise Protection: The Art of Distinctive Design

Embrace innovation in protection and identification. The ZED Ear Defender series introduces a striking array of colors, each signifying specific protection levels. In particular, the bold Red™ High stands as an emblem of excellence, denoting the highest echelons of noise protection. This distinctive design not only safeguards your ears but also elevates your style, making a statement that quality and safety go hand in hand.